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There are many business articles on building networks in business. Mostly regarding networking with “like” professionals who aren’t necessarily folks within your organization. Would it be heresy for me to encourage you to also build a network within your company? And while you’re at it, may I also propose that your internal network may be more important?

What would it look like if you worked on multi-divisional programs where you’d meet folks “diagonally” on cross-platform teams? Would that increase your range and reach? Would it make you more efficient? Would it allow you to cut through some of the natural silos that occur in business?

Whether it is knowing the right person to help with an IT issue, getting something on the agenda for a meeting outside your team, or just having someone to act as a sounding board – building a network within a company has many benefits such as:

  • Realizing your company is made up of people, not just functional names
  • Having the ability to reach out for help and support
  • Your ability to help your network (Reciprocal)
  • Finding Subject Matter Experts and being able to tap into that resource
  • Reducing time and energy if you know who to call and when

Networking inside a company is much easier than outside or across an industry. Like reaching out and getting to know your neighbors, all you have to do is take a moment get to know the person down the hall or at another location.

Be intentional