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Melissa’s Corner

Welcome to my site. I’m glad you have intentionally chosen to visit.

From here you can click on About Me to learn a little about my background. Or you can click on my Blog link to read some of my thoughts.

Melissa sees her job as one of developing practical operational strategies that her team can execute to achieve tangible results.

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Strong decisions are based on good (and complete) information.  Think about how you can do your part to ensure the right decisions are made at the right time.


Just as a stone hitting the water causes ripples, strategic decisions cause ripples in an organizational culture.  Embrace the ripples and use them to your advantage. 

Problem Solving

Firemen understand what their customer needs – someone to address the fire, NOW.  In a healthy organization, if you are part of the team and a problem solver – urgency is your responsibility.


His chosen field, by nature, is a constantly shifting sand of technology. He figured out that if you are constantly learning new things, you most likely can “surf the change wave”.  However, like a wave, change can sometimes overtake you. What then? Embrace it.

However you choose to engage works for me as long as you engage.

“Be intentional with your life, but spontaneous with your day to day.”