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Commitment can be a very personal thing (marriage), or a shared thing (achieving a goal like walking on the moon).  As a business value, it means a company:

  • Recognizes the importance of commitment to an end goal
  • Values people working together as a team to make stuff happen

As an employee I think committment means..

  • You own your part of getting it done. Passionately own what’s yours
  • You go the extra mile to ensure the baton was not only passed, but passed to the right team member. If you get the baton by mistake, don’t give it back, instead get it to the right teammate. (Then circle back and correct who gets what and when.)
  • You recognize others passion and work together, not against, moving forward. Row in the same direction. (Unless it’s over the falls, then you really need to say something.)
  • You over-communicate with the assumption everyone is committed just like you are. Like the old mantra says, “tell them what you’re going to tell them”, “tell them”, and “tell them again” (maybe even use a question to ensure comprehension)
  • You follow up, you follow up, and you follow up again
  • You don’t stop till it is done – and since this is manufacturing – are we ever really “done“…

Be intentional