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You’ve spent a lot of time and energy to craft your message. All the while, knowing you get one shot at communicating (kind of like this blog, perhaps?) – with little feedback. Your data is organized. Your flow, impeccable. But there’s one more element of the presentation you need to ensure. And it’s a big one. It’s the interpretation of your message. What will your audience leave with? What will they remember?

If you have watched the recent presidential debates I think the best part is what happens afterwards. The candidates or their “spin doctors” crowd into the press room each trying to “interpret” what you just heard. What they “really” meant. Why politicians can’t just use plain english like the rest of us is for another post. Perhaps they just didn’t remember to use “The Rule of Threes”.

Maybe they didn’t:

  1. Use three different ways to communicate the message such as a story, an example, or a memorable sentence.
  2. Use three different facts, data, or information to support their conclusions.
  3. Repeat the message three times throughout the presentation. Repetition helps people retain the message that needs to be remembered.

Take a moment to look at your presentation. Where can you incorporate the Rule of Threes in your presentation?

Be intentional