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I have one simple question for you…

What did you do to improve something this week?

Did you…

…pick up the piece of paper on floor? Or did you walk over it?
…make a point of going the extra mile to help your team mate? Or did you look the other away and not get involved?
…eliminate waste in a process? Or did you spend all your time on wasteful busy work?
…find one process problem and ask the “5 whys” until you found a sustainable solution? Or did you just figure your teammate should work harder?
…execute flawlessly holding yourself to the highest standard? Or did you go “ho-hum” and let the next person clean up the mess?
…address your frustrations in a professional manner? Or did you let your frustrations control you?
…do just one thing that made your workplace better? Or did you just keep the status quo going?

Did you notice the emphasis in the above questions is on what “you” did, not what someone else did or didn’t do. Own what’s yours. Make your area better, the rest will follow on whether or not they even notice it or thank you for your actions.

A mentor once told me, “If it’s right to do right, then it’s smart to do right.”

Be intentional