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Innovation and continuous improvement are closely linked, though different. I tend to view them as two sides of the same coin. Encouraging both ensures your team or your company, is in a better competitive position.

So what are some of the main differences?

Innovation can be thought of as:

  • Achieving improvement through a completely different “mouse trap”
  • Seeing a need and finding a solution
  • Challenging the status quo with a process/idea that has never been done

Continuous Improvement can be viewed as:

  • Improving the current “mouse trap” to perform better
  • Looking at current solution sets and fine tuning them
  • Questioning the status quo with recommendations to improve current processes

Finally, the key to beating the competition is constantly performing better – quality, speed, costs, etc. No matter what you call it, encourage your teams to find a better way.

Be intentional,
Melissa Holobach