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I have heard that common sense is not very common.  It is not based on age, intelligence, education or value structure.  It is based on asking questions, understanding, and thinking things through.

Common practice is the arch enemy of common sense.  It is based on group think, not challenging the status quo, apathy.  Common practice is a box with a locked door preventing continuous improvement; that shackles us to sub-perfomance.  Common practice is the easy way —  routine, habit.  It takes no thought, no creativity, no energy.

If you are saying or hearing the following, there is a locked door needing a key called common sense

It makes sense that doing it this way costs more, but we have always done it this way

Don’t rock the boat, it is good enough

We would have to change too much paper work to accommodate this improvement

It might remove waste, disruption, time from the process, but it will make MY job harder

No one has been able to fix it up to this point, so neither can we

I know the savings would be huge to the bottom line, but it would mean I over-run my budget

To get to 100% performance, common sense must get more common.  Every problem has a common sense answer — you just have to take the time to find it.

Let me know how you plan to challenge common practice in 2015. What one thing can you do in 2015 to unlock common and turn it into something extraordinary? Feel free to share below.

stay intentional,