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Is Your Manufacturing Performance Causal, Correlated or Corrected?

Five_WhysLearning from history is not a new concept, nor is it specific to manufacturing. Learning from past mistakes, ours or others, ensures progress. So why is the exercise of “corrective actions” so annoying? Partly the time it takes, partly because of people’s¬†attitudes involved, partly because we suspect the process is flawed, or partly because we erroneously think our manufacturing floor is too complex for 5 Whys. Sadly, many view “corrective actions” as punishment and the tools in the bucket the execution of the punishment.

Fundamentally, corrective actions and the tools to help are based on tried and true ways to “fix” stuff. They offer strong platforms to ensure you get to the causal, not the correlated, issue. However, they take time and persistence.

Over the next few weeks, I want to explore some of the building blocks of corrective actions, things like 5 whys, PDCAs, 8Ds, fish bone, 4Ms.

If these are not part of your vocabulary, tools you pull out daily, I would argue you aren’t really focused on corrective actions.

I believe discipline makes us better – it comes in all forms and it always improves us.

Be intentional,