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Be Supportive by Focusing on this 1 “active” verb…

Four Keys

You hold all FOUR keys to unlocking leadership. Use them wisely.

Second of our five part series on Keys to Leadership Success – Be Supportive

The first of the four traits proven to be a key to leadership success is “be supportive”.*

I am not surprised at that, are you? How many times have you felt leaderless because you did not feel supported? It is a common issue across all levels, industries and locations.

“Be supportive” is not exactly easy to implement. As a leader, you have to balance accountability, driving execution, balancing all the inputs from the team, and support the team – and also support the individual. Every person is different, so there is no “one size fits all”. What one person needs is not what the next one needs. What you personally need is not necessarily what you need to offer.

So instead of struggling with the definition of “supportive”, focus on the active verb –“ be”. As you lead this week, informally or formally, focus on the “be”. What are you doing to intentionally “be” supportive? Next, focus on supporting the team to achieve their goals. Help your teammate by getting roadblocks out of the way. Work to understand what the frustration is and ask how can I help? If we all work to support, we will all feel supported. If you do something, anything, people will notice your effort (even if it is not the perfect “support” for them).

Be intentional,

*Article|McKinsey Quarterly Decoding leadership: What really matters January 2015 | byClaudio Feser, Fernanda Mayol, and Ramesh Srinivasan