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What is the something you want to be starting this year?


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This time of year, so much is written about new year resolutions, setting goals and fresh starts. However, to begin new things sometimes you have to stop old things. There is only so much time in the day, only some much emotional energy, and only so much mental capacity.

Ask these questions — applicable whether at home or at work

1. What can I stop doing and never miss? We all understand that there are activities that strengthen us and those that do nothing for us. When is the last time you really thought about the routine activities in your day, in your week? Similar to a financial budget, you have to stop spending time on one thing to be able to have the time to do something else.

I once heard Bob Goff, a best selling author and speaker say at a leadership conference that that he finds something to quit every Thursday. More on that here.

2. What bad attitude do I need to stop? Attitudes are totally in our own individual control. They are based on the gap between our reality and what we believe our reality should be. If you need to change an attitude, start by addressing why you have that attitude.

3. What relationship needs to end? Relationships should improve our life not drain them. While you can not always totally end a relationship, you are in control of the time invested, emotional expenditure, and how much you let the relationship speak into your life.


Be intentional,