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tulippedApril is a good time to think about spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is something people have done for centuries – a time to air out rooms, clean dust out of the corners of your closets, and wash windows to let the sunshine in. (If my husband is reading this, now would be a good time to take a hint that our windows need washing.)

You can also spring clean your work environment.

Air out relationships…
Think about people that you are having a rough time communicating with. Is it time to air out your differences? Agree to disagree? Find a better foundation to work together?

Clean out the corners of your work day…
Think about the clutter in the corners of your day. Is it time to streamline some meetings? Are there reports that need to be combined or automated? How about your work area? Are you holding on to any clutter in your desk drawers? Files that need to be “filed”? Is there anything that needs archiving?

Get out into the sunshine…
The days are longer. Find some time to go for a walk and clear your mind. Join a sports team and enjoy some fellowship with others. Plant a garden and reap the benefits in the fall.

If you’re walking to a meeting – in-between buildings if your campus is such – or just looking out the windows — take a moment and enjoy the view. Spring is in the air. Are you?

Be intentional