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MI Birch Tree Meeting

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I really love art and I really enjoy science. I find that my day to day life is better if I fully embrace both equally. I think that is why Colin Powell’s quote in the Nashville Tennessean rang so true to me, “The art of leadership is accomplishing more than the science of management says you can. “

Today Big Data, spreadsheets, formulas are the foundation of our businesses, promising success based on numbers alone. Whether you have been a leader for decades, or only a few years – you know that the science of management alone will not deliver sustainable performance of your teams. You know that leading people is complex and requires creativity and passion to consistently deliver a sustaining business model. People are not robots, and leaders are not either.

Leadership is an art. It is a constant energy that drives to create something greater than the numbers say can be created. It believes in the human nature to overcome, to not fail in diversity, and it is YourSalescontagious. If you are a leader, you must constantly be pushing yourself to create art or you will fall into artless management – checking boxes and wondering why nothing is sustaining.

We should use the science of management to be organized, through, and disciplined in execution. We should ignite the art of leadership to create master pieces of success that stand the test of time. It takes both leadership and management to engage your teams to sustainable performance.

Be intentional