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"Not even enough for a cup of coffee."

“Not even enough for a cup of coffee.”

A close friend once told me that he only liked change if it was loose and in his pocket. This is also the same guy who knows exactly how much the tolls are going to be between O’Hare and his destination. However, if you were to ask him to change his route you’d witness a melt down. What do you mean go a different route? Why?

Change is hard for people.

Change brings ambiguity; you don’t know what tomorrow will look like.
Change brings new routines; you have to learn and re-learn things.
Change brings new work; you may have to do something you never did before.
Change brings additional work; you may have to work harder through the change.
Change brings new people/new ideas/new stuff; you have to sort and absorb something different than the status quo.

Changes also can make things better…

  • Change can make us stronger
  • Change can make us more efficient, give us more time in our day
  • Change can secure a future path of security

Instead of fighting change, try embracing it.  It is hard going through it, but I have found it is always better on the other side.

I would be interested in hearing how changes at work brought a new and better work environment (culture, empowerment, efficiency). Feel free to comment below or tweet to me: @melissaholobach

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