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Keeping your “astronaut” alive

Think back to when you were placed on a new team. You had to figure out who was who. The best ideas may not have been given by the best public speaker or maybe came from the most junior person in the room. There are lot of challenges a new team faces when coming together to solve an issue. Team members must have honest debate and challenge each other.

Mr. Carson and his new fangled telephone

If you are using a video call, you have to know what the camera sees. What is in your background? What clothes are you wearing? You have to think like a television producer. Be cognizant of that your clothes don’t make you appear like a floating spectral because they blend into the background.

Starting with the last sentence first in order to get to a decision.

Understanding what information is needed for a decision to be made
How many times have you watched a presentation meander on with no point in sight? I once knew a lead engineer who’d start a meeting by telling each presenter, “Start with the last sentence first” because he wanted to know whodunit.

There are 8 days a week, right?

Many businesses report initiatives in equivalent hours. While this helps in some ways, it hurts severely in other ways. Calendar days are unforgiving and do not recognize average equivalent hours.

Making your information Timely, Accurate and Actionable

We swim in a world of data. Lots and lots of data. What we need, however, is more information that we can do something with. Take time to ensure what you have spent hours creating is something someone can use, make a decision with, or clearly communicates eliminating questions.

The value stream’s gift to you

I think it was Machiavelli who once said, “A small problem is hard to see but easy to fix, whereas a large problem is easy to see but nearly impossible to fix.” What are you waiting for? Pro-actively ask your internal customer if they are getting what they need from you or from your team.